Up-Level Your Driving Experience

Ready to take the first step to transform your driving experience? Register today for Kenny's 16-week online Speed Therapy Academy course to unlock your full potential of your driving experience.


Immersion Learning

Dive deep with Kenny immersing yourself in the mechanics of how things work in the world of vehicle dynamics. Kenny imparts his wisdom and years of experience to teach you the "how to" of vehicle dynamics so you can conquer the fundamentals of car building, vehicle preparation, car set-up, suspension tuning and performance driving to create your optimum driving experience through a comprehensive series of recorded sessions.



Meet, learn, and engage in interactive discussions with industry luminaries during Kenny Brown's Speed Therapy Academy Masterclasses. Take a deep dive into specialized topics like brakes, wheels, tires, shocks, cooling systems, driving techniques, and safety equipment, all with the guidance of true experts in each respective field. This is your chance to meet, learn, and have your questions answered by the very best in the industry.

Group Coaching

Learn in a unique experiential learning environment applying what you're learning in Kenny's Immersion Learning sessions and the Masterclasses theory to real-world driving scenarios. The Kenny Brown team of specialists answer questions and help you solve these real-world scenarios so you can confidently analyze what your car is doing and confidently make the proper adjustments to maximize your driving experience. 


Like Having a "PRO in Your Pocket"

Whether you are just starting out or already have years of performance driving experience, you find there is still a lot to learn. You’re tired of “learning by mistake” or through “expensive lessons”. Why not skip the continual learning curve and expensive mistakes and catapult your driving ambitions by having aPRO in Your Pocket”?

Learn "How" to Take Your Car and Your Driving to the Next Level

The Speed Therapy Academy is for the serious driver that not only wants to know the” why”, but the “how” to take themselves to the next level through car preparation, car set-up, car tuning and driving techniques. 

This is for both the serious performance street driver all the way to the dedicated track driver that wants to learn and be coached by a PRO instead of learning by themselves the hard way through trial and error and expensive mistakes. 

Join Kenny Brown Speed Therapy Academy

If you want to up your game, then Kenny’s Speed Therapy Academy is for you. It’s a 16-week immersion program teaching you how to create your own ultimate driving experience through the tools you’ll learn in this program from a Pro whose been there, done that and has the experience to guide/coach you on the right path forward.


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